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Customer Testimonies

“We are thrilled with the training we have gotten for our dog. Brad designed the training program to suit our family’s needs and we love how good the dog is with our children.”
-Shawn N.

“I’m very happy with the dog and training I received from The K9 Works. My dog, Fritz, prevented an assault from happening to me. Had he not been with me, I would likely have been assaulted. He’s a great dog.  Thanks for all your training.”
-Scott V.

"I am very happy with the training my dog Maverick and I received from Brad at The K9 Works. My German Shepherd, Maverick, started with general obedience training when he was six weeks old. Maverick is our family pet but also has an extended family because I run a daycare in my home. When Maverick mastered obedience training we then moved on to Level I Personal Protection Training. Maverick showed us his alarm dog skills were strong when late one night he woke us up to alert us that someone was trying to get into our home. The training we received allows us to have a gentle family dog that is great with kids, but also when necessary, protect our family."
-Shannon M.

Brad Thomas founded The K9 Works in Traverse City in 1999. The K9 Works provides everything from basic pet obedience to family protection dog training. We work with pet owners to identify their goals and implement training strategies to achieve them. Whether it is basic obedience, solving aggression issues, or other behavioral challenges, training is individualized to suit our clients’ needs. We want you to re-imagine the original purpose of your dog in your family so that you can envision what it could be after proper training from an expert. By learning obedience training, we teach pet owners to effectively communicate with their dog, thereby enriching the lives of both.

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For Sale!

Looking for a dog to protect your family? Look no further. Zoe is a three-year-old, female, Belgian Malinois, trained personal protection dog. She is easy to handle and acclimated to home and vehicle. She exemplifies The K9 Works dogs: social and stable with family and friends, but tough on those who would harm her people. She is ready to be a member of your family at a price that is very reasonable for a dog who has received this type of training. Call us today to learn how we can provide you with this very special companion.

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