An old age notion that shawls are worn by women only is broken down this time by Pashmina shawls and scarves. They are popular amongst both women and men and in particular the trendy younger generation. The natural beauty and the style of the scarves have lured many males to adopt them as part of their normal attire. Besides scarves, now there are various shawls and wraps in vogue.

Pashmina scarves are a symbol of grace and elegance and can boost your self-confidence. There are short as well as long scarves which allow wearers to adopt various ways of wearing them. The small ones can be worn around the arms and the neck area; while the longer ones can be wrapped all around the body parts covering legs also if you desire.

Pashminas can be worn over formal or informal clothing to add a designer touch. They look very elegant yet trendy, just right for most occasions. Even for certain formal events, they can convey a very sophisticated look. They are gaining popularity in the fashion world and many people find them interesting to wear and that includes men.

All across the world men and women have started their own collection of Pashmina scarves. Though the originals are pretty expensive the quality speaks for itself. So get yourself a 100 percentage Pashmina fabric made scarf and be versatile. Or you can find cheaper versions if you want to try them out without spending too much.

Still there are many people who have no idea about this fashion accessory. The word Pashmina is actually a name of the wool that is used to make the scarf. The cashmere trait has descended down from the Kashmir area where the Pashmina wool is spun by hands. Along with this the wool is taken from the Himalaya goats, they are known as changthangi.

Pashmina scarves and shawls were originally worn to keep the cold out and to stay warm, but now they are famous for other purposes too and some of them are:

  • For Decor: they can be used for decorative purposes. They look great when thrown over a chair or ottoman. and with a neutral color combination, Pashmina prints can look fabulous. They can be used on the coffee tables or as a table center piece for placing candles or flowers. They add beauty and changes the overall effects and pattern of the room by adding more colours.

  • Colour your wardrobe: Pashmina scarves are best when used over simple and plain outfits and especially over black and white colours. When women wrap coloured scarves all around their plain dresses the overall look is changed. They give even a simple looking dress, a new and transformed appearance.

  • Cover yourself: Pashmina scarves work for all fashion savvy women. All those who like to wear sleeveless dresses and tops can still use them during the evening to keep out the chill.

  • Enjoy the outdoor weather conditions: for all the beach and park lovers, Pashmina scarves are the best option to carry. The slightly larger scarves are used to cover yourself partially or completely during evening picnics. They can also double up and be laid on the grass or sand to sit on. Where can you find a better accessory that provides comfort with a fashionable and trendy look.